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With its sweeping mountains, wild forests and wading rivers, New Brunswick is a Canadian province of exceptional beauty – where adventure always calls. 

Located on Canada’s southeast coast, the sparsely populated area runs alongside the Atlantic Ocean but sees most of its more populated areas situated along the riverbanks.

While the rural areas ooze natural beauty and activity, the cities of Fredericton and Saint John offer unique shops and an opportunity to discover the New Brunswick history which spans Acadian traditions right through to Irish immigration and the modern-day era.

There’s no better way to sample the history of a place than through its blend of national and regional delicacies. From the Acadian coast to the River Valley, scallops, oysters and fiddleheads are served to perfection with the traditional maple pecan pie topping any menu for dessert.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • New Brunswick is constitutionally bilingual.
  • More than 18 species of shark roam the province’s waters.
  • One third of the world’s chips come from here.
  • ‘Old Sow’ is the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere.
  • The Miramichi River claims to offer the world’s best salmon fishing.



The mix of British and French colonial history in the area, as well as Irish and Scottish settler heritage can be seen throughout the region in the architecture and many museums. Like most Canadian towns, Saint John has a fascinating story to tell, with elements of its aboriginal roots, settler past and colonial transition documented in the New Brunswick Museum. 

The must-see Carleton Martello Tower is a historic treasure. The barracks room and visitor centre will give you a feel for the history that took place in the building and beyond. The city of Saint John is a museum in itself: walk the streets and you’ll see archaic buildings, historic churches and old townhouses.

Journey through time

The Saint John Arts Centre has new exhibits every week. The neo-classical Saint John Fire Fighters Museum retraces the history of fire fighting back to the Great Fire of 1877, while the Saint John Historical Museum tells the story of the local Jewish community through the years. 




A cruise to New Brunswick means access to some of Canada’s most astonishing views and an opportunity to study some truly magnificent wildlife: the natural beauty of this region is utterly stunning, and will be sure to leave you in amazement.

The Bay of Fundy, renowned for its stunning tides, array of fantastical underwater life and quaint harbour, meets the quieter Saint John River. It’s famous for its tidal waves, which are said to be the highest in the world. Often reaching more than four storeys tall, they cast wondrous waves and waterfalls. 

A little further back from the chiselled cliffs and refreshing rapids, the Fundy Trail is popular with hikers and bikers, and offers stunning views of ragged cliffs, cascading waterfalls, hidden coves and Precambrian rocks.


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