Nova Scotia Cruises

Home to whales, puffins and seals, the eastern maritime province of Nova Scotia has deep, crystal waters and shares its sands with the Bay of Fundy. 

This means that whilst whale watching and wildlife spotting are popular pastimes, the shores are also very popular for beachside activities such as kayaking, fishing and parasailing.

Due to the province’s narrow dimensions, a cruise to Nova Scotia means visitors are never far from the sea. From northern New Glasgow to southern Yarmouth, there is easy access to the water, while the cities of Halifax and Sydney offer a more urban atmosphere combined with seaside living.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Many believe that treasure is buried here.
  • The Maritime Museum holds more Titanic artefacts than anywhere else. 
  • The province covers over 3,800 coastal islands.
  • Nova Scotia means ‘New Scotland’ in Latin.
  • The Vikings first visited the area in 990 AD.


The Port of Sydney

The port of Sydney acts as a gateway to the stunning island of Cape Breton, just an hour’s drive from the port. With its indigo waters and jade-green hills, the cape is a serene spot offering pure escapism amid the island’s rich Gaelic heritage.

There are many ways to explore this beautiful area – whether you’re taking a walk, exploring the historic Fortress of Louisbourg, or kayaking the Bras d’Or Lake waters. 

The port of Halifax

The port of Halifax also brings visitors into a vibrant area. No longer used as a major military base, the remnants of Halifax’s military background are nonetheless dotted throughout the city in locations such as Citadel Hill and Fort George.

As the capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax has a buzzing urban centre that gives way to rural villages and a historical harbour. The promenade itself is a popular attraction, with the 265-year old Farmers Market on Pier 22 leading to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and onto Peggy’s Cove, a shoreline area oozing with storybook views.


Beach Life


A land of lighthouses and dewy sands, Nova Scotia boasts beautiful bays, harbours and shorelines. 

Arriving on a Nova Scotia cruise, visitors have easy access to beautiful beaches on Cape Breton or Halifax’s Indian and Clam Harbours.

Whilst the white bays, carved-out cliff sides and azure seas provide much in the way of exquisite landscapes, whale watching also makes the beach a popular location.

Further inland, many of Nova Scotia’s lakes have also created pretty beaches popular with locals looking to escape city life. Chocolate Lake Beach is ideal to visit regardless of season, transforming itself from a summer sunbathing spot to a winter skating area.

With the beach comes seafood, something Nova Scotia is known for. Clams and lobsters top the menu and the fresh delicacies can be found at most of the area’s harbour restaurants.


Ports in the country


Cruises visiting Nova Scotia

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