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Mexico Cruises

Mexico is a huge country, the 14th largest in the world, rightly famed for its palm-fringed beaches, delicious cuisine and vibrant culture.

On Mexico cruises, you can discover the country’s spectacular coastline, full to bursting with beautiful sandy bays, lively towns, Mayan history and stunning natural landscapes. 

From Cabo San Lucas and Huatulco, down to Acapulco and Puerto Chiapas, and across to Costa Maya, Progreso and Cozumel, a Mexico cruise promises adventure, relaxation and a whole host of picture-perfect vistas. 

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Mexico introduced the world to chocolate, corn and chillies. 
  • Mexico is home to more Spanish speakers than any other country. 
  • Tequila, tabasco and the chihuahua are all named after Mexican places. 
  • In 1913, Mexico had three different presidents in just one hour. 
  • Mexico has 32 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Sun, sea and sand

Acapulco, Mexico’s most famous and popular beach resort, is the perfect place for a little sun, sea and sand. On spectacular white, sandy beaches you can sit back with the latest page-turner and work on your tan. There are also great water sports like deep sea fishing, snorkelling, jet skiing and surfing, as well as some excellent local restaurants to try. 

 Over at Costa Maya, close to Mexico’s border with Belize, you can enjoy an array of outdoor activities from cycling to kayaking, and snorkelling to hiking. Alternatively, head back to the beach for some more rest and rejuvenation or explore ancient Mayan ruins and present-day Mayan communities. 

Surrounding history

Yet more beaches and Mayan history await visitors at Puerto Chiapas. However, here you’ll also find impressive natural landscapes, including jungles, mountains, rivers and plains. Nearby, there are colonial towns to explore and places to pick up local handicrafts and a few souvenirs of your journey.  

And no cruise to Mexico would be complete without a stop at the island of Cozumel. Located just off Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, on Cozumel you can go swimming with dolphins, take a jeep adventure through the mangroves, enjoy exciting water sports or soak up the vibrant atmosphere and live music in the town’s bars. 


Food and drink


One of Mexico’s most famous exports is its food. Fresh, punchy flavours and a warming hint of spice make for an endless list of mouth-watering national delicacies. While many of us may think we’ve experienced Mexican cuisine back at home, nothing beats the real thing. 

Guacamole, quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas and mole sauce are all probably fairly familiar. But you could also head off-piste and try delicious chicharron (deep-fried pork skin), pozole (chicken or pork broth) or gorditas (corn patties filled with chicken, cheese and spicy sauce). 

And as well as a shot or two of Mexican tequila, you can enjoy an incredible selection of Mexican beers, michelada beer cocktails (mixed with prawns, vegetables and other alcohol!), and chocolate-flavoured beverages too.

To get truly under Mexico’s culinary skin, you should ask for the platillo tipico of whichever town you find yourself in. This is the local dish and the ingredients used will vary considerably from place to place. You can also try street food stalls, which serve a rich variety of Mexican cuisine, easy to eat on the go. 


Ports in the country


Cruises visiting Mexico

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