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Thailand is a heady mix of dreamlike landscapes, a strong and proud culture, and year-round warm weather – making it the perfect destination for a holiday getaway. 

From fast-paced cities to rolling hills filled with adventurous activities, to the relaxed beaches that have inspired countless works of art, it's a country where you can choose to be as active or inactive as you wish. It’s an earthly paradise where you’re free to explore the jungles or unwind on the beach by day, meander through bustling markets and then enjoy a restful massage at the end of it all. Put simply, a trip to Thailand can be anything you want it to be.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Thailand's coastline is 2,000 miles long.
  • The national sport is known as 'the art of eight limbs'.
  • Thailand is home to the world's smallest mammal, the 'bumble bat'. 
  • One in 10 Thais live in Bangkok.
  • It’s forbidden to put your feet on the King's image.


The appeal

A Thailand cruise is the ultimate way to explore this intriguing country, as Thailand's real appeal lies in its beaches and islands. Along the Andaman coast you'll find a charming archipelago of rocky and jungle-covered mountains, especially around Phuket. It’s an all-time favourite destination for those looking to explore beneath the sea on a scuba adventure and is home to two of the most remarkable sands in the country – Patong Beach and Kalim Beach. 

Moving east of the peninsula, Ko Samui has much to offer the discerning traveller, with its high-class restaurants and bars overlooking miles of golden sand and its enormous range of outdoor activities. 

Exotic temples

Laem Chabang is known as Thailand’s Riviera, due to the many rivers winding through this port city. It’s a great spot for enjoying all kinds of watersports, as well as an opportunity to experience exotic temples, lavish palaces and teeming markets. 

Hot, humid and buzzing with life, the draw of the national's capital Bangkok is simply too strong to ignore. Be sure to sample the local street food delicacies, with food carts across the city serving up anything from piping hot pad Thai to deep-fried locusts. Try if you dare!




Thailand is simply a foodie’s heaven, with an unbelievable array of Asian flavours. 

Moving around the country you'll find anything from fragrant Thai curries (red, yellow and green… try them all!) to lightly spiced seafood dishes and clear but spicy soups. Tom yum soup is a Thai favourite for its hot and sour flavours and gaeng khae is a vegetarian speciality soup, which is packed with flavour.  

Then there are less well-known but absolutely delicious dishes like creamy khao soi, a coconut-based curry served with noodles and your choice of meat. The speciality of ‘boat noodle soup’, made with a rich gravy and fresh beef, should also be high on your priority list. 

Thai cuisine is also known for using the very freshest ingredients, with some truly mouth-watering salads that will redefine your sense of what a ‘salad’ is – it’s safe to say you’ll never think of boring old lettuce and tomatoes again. Fruits, herbs, meat and seafood are a mainstay of Thai salads, and the sour tang of lime juice tends to feature heavily. Don't be fooled by the term 'salad' either – a Thai papaya salad is one of the spiciest things you can order.


Ports in the country


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