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Vietnam Cruises

Vietnam has come a long way since the bloody war, which split the country in two in the 1970s. 

Although remnants of the battle remain in its museums, today Vietnam is a modern, forward-thinking land with huge gleaming cities, characterful towns and countryside worthy of a travel magazine front cover.  

The long coast is blessed with gleaming white beaches, untouched limestone islands and lush tropical jungle. In fact, thanks to its seemingly endless coastline, the best way to discover the country is by taking a cruise to Vietnam, which will allow you to hop off and explore the towns, cities and national parks at your leisure, while travelling in luxurious surroundings. 

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Vietnam is shaped like the letter S.
  • It has 3,260km of coastline.
  • The Vietnamese refer to late leader Ho Chi Minh as 'Uncle Ho'.
  • The coffee here is some of the best in the world.
  • Vietnam is the world's largest exporter of cashew nuts.



Thanks to its modern history, Vietnam is a fine example of a country of two halves. In the south, one and a half hours away from Phu My Port, you'll find frenetic Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon), which pulses to the beat of its six million inhabitants.

You can explore its French colonial architecture and famous sights such as the Central Post Office and the War Remnants Museum, although take note: with over three million motorbikes on the streets, it pays to be cautious as you wonder about

Natural playground

Heading up the coast you'll find Nha Trang with a 6km long white sand bay and a love for all things water-based. Scuba diving, boating and snorkelling are all on the cards here, and a trip to the Vinpearl Amusement Park will also satisfy any cravings for excitement.

 At the north end of Vietnam you’ll find the natural playground of Halong Bay. Witness one of the most serene and beautiful spots in the world as you travel through hundreds of karst islands peeping above the water line. A kayaking trip is a great way to get up close to the natural features here. 




The food in Vietnam deserves a special mention for being some of the most varied and flavourful in the whole of Asia. 

Until 1954 much of Vietnam was occupied by the French, who brought with them the secret of making really great bread and fresh paté. When mixed with the Vietnamese's penchant for barbecued meats, the result was the oh so delicious Banh Mi, a French loaf filled with paté, sliced barbecued pork, coriander and spicy sauce. Each destination has its own take on the Banh Mi so be sure to sample as many as possible. 

Another famous dish in Vietnam is Pho, a clear broth served with fresh noodles, sliced meats and garnished with herbs. Locals eat it for breakfast, but a bowl of steaming hot Pho is irresistible at any time of day. Try it with raw sliced beef, which cooks directly in the bowl while you eat it. 

Another fine example of Vietnamese cuisine includes Bun Cha, rice noodles served with grilled marinated pork – certainly not a dish to be missed. In the south the must-taste dish is Com Tam (broken rice). In years gone by this was the food of peasants farming the land around Ho Chi Minh City, but it is now the choice of trendy city-dwellers.


Ports in the country


Cruises visiting Vietnam

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