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Sitting on the Balkan Peninsula, Albania’s shores stretch across both the Ionian and Adriatic Seas, creating stunning bays, deep coves and rugged sea cliffs. 

The country may not be as well-known or visited as many of its European neighbours, but that makes it all the more intriguing. 

Albania is a land of fascinating Ottoman architecture interspersed with gleaming sands and sweeping mountains, making it a diversely beautiful getaway. Combined with the friendly disposition of the Albanian people, cruises to Albania make for memorable trips rich in relaxation, history and culture.

The south, in particular, has many charming villages nestled into the banks of the Albanian Riviera in the county of Vlore. The beach areas, located on the Riviera, such as Ksamil, Himarë and Dhërmi are popular for those looking for scenic views and serenity.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Tirana, Albania's capital city, does not have a McDonalds.
  • Mother Teresa is considered Albanian.
  • Albanians nod their heads for ‘no’ and shake for ‘yes’.
  • Tavë kosi (lamb and rice) is a national Albanian dish.
  • The national sport is football.

Albania Cruise holiday Highlights

Albanian coast

Covering the Albanian coast, there are two significant ports in Albania: Durrës and Sarandë.  

Arriving into Durrës is your opportunity to bask on Albania’s biggest beach before taking a stroll around the Venetian Tower and 5th century Byzantine Forum ruins, before heading to the city’s pretty beach boulevard and seafront. 

From here, Albania’s capital Tirana can be accessed in around 30 minutes. The ‘city of colour’ is home to the Albanian National Museum and famous Sky Tower. Skanderberg Square is the main plaza of the city, and home to the Skanderberg Monument, made to commemorate their national hero Skanderberg in all his glory. 

A tropical welcome

Arrival into the port of Sarandë means a tropical welcome from the glowing beaches and vibrant city life. Ksamil Village in particular is a stunning spot to visit, as is the natural phenomenon of the Blue Eye spring.  

This is your perfect opportunity to try the Albanian cuisine – featuring lots of stewed meats served in soups or with potatoes. With its Adriatic and Ionian Sea location there’s also an abundance of seafood to enjoy here too. 


Historical sites


With a history that can be traced back as far as the Illyrian tribes, Albania has a truly captivating past. 

Having been ruled successively by the ancient Greeks and Romans before the arrival of the Ottoman Empire, Albania has many monuments and ruins to detail its complex past. 

The town of Butrint is near the port of Sarandë and spans a 2,500-year history. The ancient town of Finiq also holds remnants of the Bronze Age and was originally built in the 2ndcentury BC. Other top historical sites to visit across the coastline include the castles of Kanina, Kukum and Movrove.

In Durrës, you’ll find the impressive 20,000-seat ancient amphitheatre that was once the most important focal point of the city. It’s still the largest amphitheatre in the Balkans. If you’d like to learn more, the Durrës Archaeological Museum, Royal Villa of Durrës and the Museum of History are all dedicated to remembering the history of this fascinating part of the Balkans.


Ports you can visit on your Albanian cruise


Cruises visiting Albania

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