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Croatia’s mystical landscapes, exotic beaches and beguiling culture have been known to captivate even the hardiest traveller.

The Eastern European country sits on the Adriatic Sea, encompassing over 1,000 islands. The native castles and mediaeval ruins allow visitors an insight into this country’s colourful past, while the vibrant cities of Dubrovnik and Split serve up the best in authentic Croatian food. Known for its seafood delights, Croatian dishes like fish stew and octopus are the top delicacies to try here.

From the metropolitan areas of Zagreb to the coastlines of Pula, there’s much to see in terms of Gothic and Renaissance architecture as well as stunning seaside bays.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Croatia invented the tie.
  • Their currency, the ‘kuna’, is named after a cute rodent. 
  • The Dalmatian dog is named after the Croatian coast.
  • The country is referred to as the ‘pearl of the Adriatic.’
  • Much of ‘Game of Thrones’ was filmed here. 

Croatia Cruise holiday Highlights

Enchanting views

Those arriving into Rijeka on a cruise to Croatia will see the enchanting views of this rustic town nestled into the hillsides and decorated with bright colours, making for a storybook landscape.

A wander through the Korzo district takes in the Baroque clock tower, with many pretty terraces and old coffee shops contributing to the ‘old world’ feel. The daily market also sits close to the harbour offering visitors flowers, food and crafts.  

Ancient old town

Nearby, visitors can access the islands that form part of the Kvarner Gulf. Quiet and serene, they hold pretty bays and hidden coves. Krk, or ‘Golden Island’, is home to the Francopan Castle, waterfront monastery and Krk Cathedral amid the pine forests and ancient old town.

Anyone arriving into Hvar will be rewarded with the sight of cream-coloured houses with their terracotta roofs lying amid the Hvar hills, while the harbour boats sway quietly on the Dalmatian Riviera. In the city centre, St Stephen’s Square allows for intimate views of the cathedral and is also one of the oldest squares in the region.


Cathedrals and castles


Over the centuries the Greeks, Slovaks, Venetians, Hungarians and Turks have all played a role in trying to obtain parts of the Croatian islands. 

Battles, wars and revolutions have left their marks and much of this history can be seen in the architecture and art within the many churches and cathedrals.

All have a story to tell, from Rijeka’s Baroque-style St Vitus Cathedral – famed for its unusual stained glass work – to the Gothic Capuchin Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, with its neo-Gothic facade and two sweeping staircases. To raise money to build this church, local legend has it that rumour spread there was a miraculous saint there who sweated blood. People flocked to see her, money was raised, and the woman was eventually jailed for lying. The church got built though!

Hvar’s Franciscan Monastery and St Stephen’s Cathedral are also interesting buildings to see and explore, and both offer an intriguing history and story. 


Ports you can visit on your Croatian cruise


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