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Cyprus is a brilliant place to visit if you want to enjoy a lazy beach holiday, but this magical island is also rich in history, cuisine and admirable landscapes.

Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot cultures have been bound together for years here, resulting in a tumultuous yet fascinating history. Roman sites and huge archaeological discoveries enfold the island, along with important relics from numerous historical ages. Both as icons on the landscape and treasures in museums, there’s a lot to learn about this European country through its artefacts. 

There’s also virtually every water sport you could think of here, as well as skiing further inland during the winter. For those who enjoy less high-octane pleasures, there are plenty of vineyards for wine-tasting and lush forest landscapes to take in. 

Top 5 interesting facts

  • The Goddess of Love Aphrodite was born here, according to legend.
  • The entire town of Paphos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Halloumi cheese can only be called halloumi if made in Cyprus.
  • Summers last from April to November here.
  • Mark Antony gave Cyprus to his lover Cleopatra as a gift.

Cyprus Cruise holiday Highlights


Disembark your Cyprus cruise and you’ll want to dive straight into the spectacular array of Cypriot food on offer. 

There’s a delicious mixture of Greek, Middle Eastern and Turkish flavours, often served up in the form of a mezze platter – small plates with a little bit of everything so you can enjoy a combination of flavours and textures all in one meal. Imagine grilled halloumi cheese, spicy Greek sausage, the creamiest hummus you’ll ever eat and freshly baked pitta bread.


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll melt for the desserts in Cyprus, which tend to feature the distinctive flavours of rosewater and honey. Choose from as many different types of baklava as you can think of, filled with numerous combinations of spices and nuts, such as pistachios and cinnamon, encased in crispy filo pastry. Try a rice pudding here, too – it’s unlike anything you’ll have eaten back in England.


Historical sites


Cruises to Cyprus stop off at Limassol, also known as Lemesos. The old town is bursting with character, with lively cafés and beautiful boutiques packed with handmade goods. 

Lemesos Castle dates back to the 14th century, and features its own archaeological museum. That’s not the only museum worth visiting here, by any means – the Cyprus Wine Museum is perfect for any wine lover. Within the Turkish Quarter, the Grand Mosque is a real highlight too.

Cyprus cruises are perfect for exploring the gorgeous city of Kyrenia, just a few minutes’ drive from the port. With a stunning natural harbour that’s perfect for walking along, there are plenty of historical places to visit within the city’s old town.

The older quarters of nearby Paphos are filled with historical gems too, including catacombs and colonial buildings. With gorgeous wild caper and fennel plants and history all around, these areas feel miles away from the Anglo-centric tourist centre of Paphos, despite being just a mile or so up the road.


Ports you can visit on your Cyprus cruise


Cruises visiting Cyprus

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