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A small nation-state that borders Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, Slovenia is a beautiful place to spend some time on holiday. 

The capital and largest city is Ljubljana, and much of the rest of the country is sparsely populated and heavily forested. A cruise to Slovenia will take you into the foothills of the Alps, in one of the most water-rich lands in Europe.

You’ll come into port in Koper, a beautiful city that’s just a short drive from the capital Ljubljana. Koper features many impressive and historic government buildings, such as the Praetorian Palace, Muda Gate, the Koper Museum and Tito Square. Make sure to pop into the traditional fishing village of Izola too, just along the coast.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • More than 2,400 fungal species have been recorded from Slovenia.
  • Over 58% of Slovenia is covered by forest.
  • Slovenia has 211 municipalities, the only bodies of local autonomy.
  • The only large town is the capital, Ljubljana.
  • Slovenian food is a mix of European, Mediterranean and Balkan influences.

Slovenia Cruise holiday Highlights

A mighty fortress

Ljubljana Castle is a mighty mediaeval fortress, and a symbol of the Slovenian capital. The castle offers a fascinating insight into Ljubljana's history as well as providing majestic views over the city. The facilities are first rate, and there are numerous exhibitions and entertaining events throughout the year. You can dine in style here or simply drink some good coffee and do some people-watching. Enjoy a slow, picturesque walk up to the top of the castle, or use the modern funicular – either way it’s an enjoyable visit. 

Ornate architecture

The Cathedral of St Nicholas, located at the Mestni Trg, is a fine old European church. The ornate architecture encompasses Gothic and Baroque elements, and the organ is amazing. Walking around the cathedral is free, as are the tours.




The old town of Ljubljana is very beautiful and well worth exploring on foot. The pedestrian area is large, made up of three main streets that run parallel to the main river. 

Dozens of cafés, restaurants, tea shops and souvenir shops line these avenues, and the centre of the old town is Preseren Square. Three ornate bridges lead to the centre, with its statue of Slovenia’s most famous poet, Dr France Prešeren.

Slovenia is a mountainous country, with a continental climate. The Adriatic Sea forms the southwest border of this tiny country, whose population is only 2.6 million. The deep forests and dense rivers, rich aquifers and underground watercourses have made the country incredibly rich in flora and fauna. Eurasian lynx, red foxes, wild cats, vipers, hedgehogs, eagles, wolves, tawny owls, alpine ibex, brown bears and martens all thrive in Slovenia. In fact, it’s thought that 24,000 different animal species live here. 

A Slovenia cruise will give you a chance to see these forests up close. If you’re really adventurous, you can enjoy driving through the lower Alps, along hairpin turns and narrow roads. Slovenia has been influenced by the many tribes that settled here (Slavic, Habsburgs, Serbs, Croats, Italians, Hungarians), and this diverse heritage is reflected in the architecture and culture of Ljubljana, where it’s easy to enjoy a day trip.


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