About Safaga

Arriving at Egypt's Red Sea cruise port Safaga is an understated start to a day, which will forever live in your memory. For this quiet and otherwise unremarkable port town is your entry into upper Egypt and the very heart of the countries existence - the Nile.


This great river will also take you to some of Egypt's most fascinating antiquities. You can explore the lavish tombs, temples and palaces of the pharaohs in the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, Karnak and Luxor (once Ancient Thebes).


The huge and magnificent Karnak Temple complex is awe-inspiring. The rich detail in the wall paintings of the tombs depicts the unworldly lives of the Pharaohs and will take your breath away. The spectacular sound and light show at the Karnak Temple is rightly legendary, however, it is held at night and only available to guests who opt for the overland tours.


Safaga is also close to the Egyptian beach resort of Hurghada and the clear waters along this coastline are rated among the worlds best sites for diving.


Shore excursions in Safaga

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