French Polynesia Cruises

Fruit-covered trees, lush green mountains and sparkling lagoons – just a few of the delights awaiting visitors to the islands of French Polynesia.

Remote and rugged, the country’s 118 small islands are divided into 5 archipelagos: Austral, Leeward, Gambier, Marquesas and Society. 

Glistening oceans and pearly lagoons come with the territory, but white sand is one thing this area’s beaches can’t always guarantee. Some, like Lafayette Beach in Tahiti, offer a unique form of black sand, while Tikehau is known to have bays of a pinker hue.

No matter what colour the sand is, escaping the daily grind and getting away from it all is the order of the day on a cruise to French Polynesia.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Over half the population is under the age of 20.
  • ‘Tiare’ is the national flower and is often worn behind a woman’s ear.
  • The Tahitian alphabet is made up of just 13 letters.
  • Tahitians are considered to be the friendliest people in the world.
  • The overwater bungalow was invented on Moorea.



In Tahiti, visitors arrive into the country’s capital, Pape’ete, where both the harbour and city areas offer top-rated cuisine and entertainment. Le Marche is the place to shop for authentic goods and Vai'ete Square is ideal for observing local dance and song, while the beaches of Venus Point and Lafayette are also just a short drive away.

Moorea, the ‘island of love’, is another Tahitian port acting as a gateway to the heart-shaped, magical island. Its sweeping mountains, palm-tree paths and wooden boats make for picturesque views and there’s no better place to admire them than from the Belvedere Outlook. You can learn more about them by visiting the plantations and villages in the area. 

Beach life

For a true Bora Bora experience visitors come into Viatape. Water activities are extremely popular here, especially at the Bora Bora Lagoonarium and Matira Beach. 

Mount Otemanu is one of two dormant volcanoes on the island and offers heavenly views of the crisp, clean beaches, azure waters and lush mountain greenery.


Water activities


Your packing list for your cruise to French Polynesia definitely needs to include some swimwear, sun lotion, and if possible a snorkel, because this is an ocean-lover’s haven. The warm, crystal-clear waters invite visitors to explore the colourful coral reefs, whether by snorkelling or diving. 

Known as the islands that dreams are made of, it’s no surprise that some of the dreamiest creatures can also be found in French Polynesia. Dolphins, turtles and rays rule the seas and are easily spotted in the clear waters. You can also see barracuda and tuna as well as hammerhead sharks and manta rays.

If scuba diving and snorkelling aren’t your thing then glass-bottomed boats are a great way to see the marine life in action, without getting too wet. 

Visitors can get close to the rays at the Bora Bora lagoon or feed the sharks at Tiki Point before completing the day swimming with dolphins at the Moorea Dolphin Centre.


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