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Samoa Cruises

From the rainforests of Savai’i to the sea cliffs of Ugolu, the islands of Samoa are diverse in landscape, meaning that those on a cruise to Samoa can expect nothing less than outdoor adventure, stunning beauty and pure escapism.

This set of South Pacific islands are perhaps as remote as anyone can get. Over 1,800 miles away from neighbouring New Zealand and spanning nine volcanic islands, Samoa is an independent nation surrounded by coral reef and covered in rainforests. 

The largest city in Samoa, Apia, acts as a gateway to this enchanting set of islands and is located on the most populated island of Upolu. It’s from here that visitors are transplanted to a world where crystal seas, colourful coral and lush valleys reign.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Samoans are known as the ‘happy’ people.
  • Samoa has two different governments.
  • It produces bananas, cocoa beans and coconuts. 
  • The loggerhead turtle and flying fox can be found here.
  • Fishing and agriculture remain the main industries.


Diverse terrain

As volcanic islands, Samoa cruises bring visitors to a land of diverse terrain and fascinating natural wonders. To Sua Ocean Trench is one such example. Often referred to as the most magical swimming pool in the world, the natural large hole brims with topaz waters and connects to a neighbouring hole via a lava tube cave. With startlingly clear waters, hidden reef formations and a handy ladder, the caves make for the perfect diving and exploration site.

Piula Cave Pool is another swimming spot located in the village of Lufilufi. From the natural elements a spring water pool has been formed along with another cave.

Spectacular falls

The Papapapaitai, Togitogiga and Sopoaga Falls are also stunning areas to explore while getting a little wet. Made up of spectacular falls, steep drops and lush greenery, these locations are ideal for discovering the unique makeup of Samoa.

However, when a gentle front crawl among the lagoons gets a little dull, change it up by exploring the Papaseea Sliding Rock which offers another way to delve into Samoan waters. In the Faleata District visitors will also find natural slides created by rocks and shaped by running water that allow adventure-seekers to slide down and splash away.




The people of Polynesia share an extensive history, a rich culture, strong traditions and a set of important beliefs. And nowhere is more Polynesian in spirit than Samoa.

Visitors receive a unique insight into the Polynesian way of life amidst the most beautiful surroundings. Chiefs continue to influence communities, while tattoos symbolise individuals’ connections to the culture.

Close to the harbour is the Samoan Culture Village, where visitors can see the traditional woodcarvings and weavings along with occasional ava ceremonies and umu demonstrations.

The Baha'i House of Worship is another notable attraction. As a beautiful building with stunning gardens, it’s a delight to wander around while learning about the local faith. Old Apia Market is another spot to sample island life, with the best in local produce and handicrafts on display.


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