Activities on board Arcadia

There are plenty of daily activities on board Arcadia to keep you busy. She has everything a discerning cruiser could want, bars, pools, sports venues and shops. You can relax by the pool or enjoy a theatre featuring some of the most lavish and spectacular shows at sea.


Make the most of those sea days

With a fantastic range of things to do on board

Things to do xx

Sea day activities

With a range of activities taking place throughout the day, you’ll struggle to fit everything in. Take a look below for some examples of activities you could enjoy on board...


Dance classes - take place on all cruises with 7 or more days at sea which are hosted by coupled dance instructors. A variety of complimentary dance lessons are available with the main type of dance offered being ballroom and Latin. It may be possible to arrange 1 to 1 tuition; any charges generated from this would be at the instructor's discretion. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience.


Guest speakers - will be on board cruises of 7 nights or more (if over 20 night duration - 2 speakers share the cruise).


Deck quoits - however this is weather dependent.


Shuffleboard - however this is weather dependent.


Watercolour art - classes take place on all cruises with 6 or more days at sea. Art materials can be purchased on board or you may bring your own art materials to participate in the classes.


Bridge - classes hosted by an instructor will take place on all cruises with 7 or more full days at sea (they do not need to be consecutive days at sea).


Language classes - a language instructor teaching Spanish will feature on Round the World Cruises only. However the language and times are subject to change. Full information, including any associated costs, times and locations will be available on-board.

Daily activities programme

We can't confirm exactly which activities will be available on your particular cruise but once you're on board your ship's daily newspaper Horizon will be delivered to your cabin containing a full list of activities. Take a look below for an example of the daily newspaper - Horizon...

Other activities included in your holiday...

Our fully equipped, state-of-the-art gyms; sports courts for football, deck tennis, table tennis, basketball etc; choice of swimming pools and whirlpool spas are all included in your fare.


More flexible. More focused. Always-on satellite internet

It’s great being able to stay in touch with loved ones back home while you’re away with us. This is why our satellite internet service is easy to access and tailored to how you like to use the internet.


Our satellite internet puts you in complete control of the services you use, with a connection that’s available 24/7*.


Packages or Pay As You Go:


The Connect Package

£6.75 per 24 hours with a full Cruise Plan. £7.75 for a single 24 hour period.

Stay in touch with family and friends. 

Includes internet messaging and social media.


The Browse Package 

£10 per 24 hours with a full Cruise Plan. £12.50 for a single 24 hour period.

Browse the internet as you would usually, (with the exception of video streaming) plus email and social networks. 

Includes web browsing, email, internet messaging and social media.


The Works 

£20 per 24 hours with a full Cruise Plan. £24.95 for a single 24 hour period.

Stream YouTube, Spotify and Apply Music, video call, browse, email and share via social networks.

Includes YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music streaming services, web browsing, internet messaging, email and social media.


Pay As You Go

 65p per minute.

A flexible alternative to a 24 hour package. (To help keep an eye on costs, we’ll automatically log you out after 30 minutes).


Connection speed

Being able to access the internet in the middle of the ocean is quite the technological accomplishment. However, due to the fact that the internet signal has to travel via satellites over 20,000 miles above the earth, service speeds are significantly impacted. Even the geographical location of your ship (mountainous landscapes in particular) and the weather can affect the on board service. To maximise your satellite internet service speeds, you'll find the strongest Wi-Fi signal in public venues. You may also find that off peak periods - early morning, late evening and port days - provide a better service.


Skype and video calling connections

These services are available with The Works package, however please be aware that unpredictable satellite connectivity can impact the quality of the service.


Printing and scanning

Should you wish to print pages in the Library, this will be charged at 30p per black and white page. If you require a document to be digitally scanned, please speak to reception (prices are subject to change).

*Satellite reception permitting. Due to limitations with satellite bandwidth, video streaming may be blocked. Other sites may also be blocked for excessive bandwidth consumption or the types of content offered.

Order internet credit

To purchase package internet credit before you sail visit Cruise Personaliser. Once on board, just log on to the ship’s Wi-Fi.


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