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Award-winning art on board


Art and exploration combine perfectly in the works of artist Philip Gray, which are available to buy on selected P&O Cruises ships

Artist Philip Gray paints underwater in the Bahamas

Artist Philip Gray paints underwater in the Bahamas

Artist and adventurer

Award-winning artist Philip Gray’s passion for art is equalled only by his passion for exploration and discovery. Named as the UK’s Best New Artist 2007, his reputation has gone from strength to strength and his artwork has celebrity collectors including Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Dolly Parton.


Philip is known for his ‘extreme art’, painted in unexpected and sometimes dangerous locations. He has ventured to Everest base camp to capture the awesome and dramatic landscapes of this inspiring location; to Iceland, where he painted on a volcano, glacier and beneath the Earth’s surface; 60ft below the surface of shark-infested waters off the coast of the Bahamas, where he set up his studio on the bow of a sunken ship; to the rainforest of Borneo, and to Antarctica, where he painted against the side of an iceberg in sub-zero temperatures. His latest adventure took him to the searing heat of the Sahara in Morocco, where he incorporated sand into his paintings.


His expeditions are legendary and his innovative artwork has won him a unique position in the international art world: ‘My extreme journeys into the unknown bring new challenges that push the boundaries of my mind, body and soul. These voyages of discovery, sometimes dangerous, are a stimulus to drive me forward creatively and explore new worlds of emotional expression. With these explorations of seldom-travelled places, I have found a new source of energy that I attempt to translate into visual form.’

Artist Philip Gray in Antarctica

Artist Philip Gray in Antarctica

Art and the sea

Philip’s love of the sea and art combined when he joined the Irish Navy at 16. ‘I have a great love of the sea, born out of experiencing the joy and freedom of the ocean wave, above and below the surface. I spent 17 years as an Irish Navy diver. As I lean over the side of a ship heading towards a new destination and distant horizon, I still feel that the ocean is speaking to me with a thousand words and a thousand visions.’


After 17 years in the Navy, and with much encouragement from his family, Philip relinquished his naval career and took the bold step of setting up on his own as an artist. Maintaining the link between the sea and his art, Philip’s work is available to buy on P&O Cruises Arcadia, Azura, Oceana and Ventura in Whitewall Galleries.


Coming on board

In April, Philip will be sailing from San Diego in the United States to Huatulco in Mexico on board Arcadia. Between 14-18 April, he will be completing several live painting demonstrations on board in the Art Gallery, the Globe and poolside, allowing passengers to meet and watch this award-winning artist at work.


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