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Meet the team: Nathaniel Beach


As Shore Excursions Assistant Manager, Nathaniel shows passengers some of the world's most spectacular sights

Shore Excursions Assistant Manager, Nathaniel Beach

P&O Cruises gives me the chance to see places I never dreamt of seeing. How can you not love that? - asks Nathaniel

How long have you worked for P&O Cruises?

I've been here since 2012, ever since I finished working in the financial services sector. I started in our head office and recently made the transition to the fleet. I'm currently working on Arcadia.


What does your job involve?

I help passengers book on to shore excursions during their cruise. It's a pleasure being able to make our guest's experiences just that little bit more special with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.


What’s the most exciting part of working for P&O Cruises?

Having been fascinated with the maritime industry from a young age, it's a real privilege to work for one of the world's leading cruise lines. The fact that I get to embark on our incredible trips with guests every day is the icing on the cake. P&O Cruises has given me the chance to see places I never dreamt of seeing, how can you not love that?


What are the main challenges of your job?

At P&O Cruises, we always make sure that our passengers have the best experience possible. So if, for some reason, we have to cancel a shore excursion – because of bad weather, for example – it's up to me to find another way to entertain guests. At short notice, this can be a little daunting, but I always rise to the occasion.


What is the best part of your job?

That’s an easy one! Escorting the tours. It's given me a wealth of unique experiences. In fact, in the past month alone I've swum with giant sea turtles, snorkelled over shipwrecks, bathed under waterfalls and tobogganed down the rolling hills of Funchal. It's been incredible!


What has been your favourite destination so far?

Geiranger in Norway has to be the most spectacular place I have ever been. Everything about the place was just perfect, from the grand mountains to the deep blue fjords. The pictures don't do it justice. It's such a picturesque country, and the 80-mile sailout past the waterfalls was incredible.


What do you enjoy most about life at see?

I love meeting new people and forming new friendships – both with crew members and passengers. Of course, there's always the excitement of visiting the next port, too. We have some great itineraries coming up and I can't wait to add more photos to my scrapbook!