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Britannia passes her first sea trial


The countdown to her maiden voyage continues

Britannia sailing

Britannia took to the open seas for the first time this month, ahead of her maiden voyage in March 2015. Sea trials are a major milestone in any ship's development and Britannia passed hers with flying colours. She could be seen steaming through the glassy blue waters of the Adriatic Sea just outside the Monfalcone shipyard in Italy, where she will return to receive her finishing touches.


‘It's a fantastically exciting time in the life of Britannia,’ says Project Manager David McCarthy. ‘With her delivery due in in three months, we're full steam ahead. There's so much happening on board.’


Work has advanced swiftly on the interior of the cruise ship, where all of the cabins have been placed and the soft furnishings have been installed. The carpets have been laid down in the theatre and soon the seats will start to be assembled in their rows.


Externally, the ship is all but finished, with attention now turning to the public spaces. Progress has been made in the main atrium, where the exceptional Starburst chandelier has begun to take shape. Composed of 280 suspended shards of mirror and glass, the feature will take some time to install.


Captain Paul Brown, who is set to take the helm of the ship, can already visualise how the room will look: ‘I walked around the atrium and saw the fantastic Starburst chandelier being fitted,’ he says. ‘I actually stood on the spot where I will be presenting our spectacular cocktail parties and imagined what it's going to be like! It’ll be particularly special on that maiden voyage, but of course it will be incredible throughout the entire season.’


With Britannia's grand naming ceremony taking place in Southampton on 6 March 2015, it won't be long until those lucky first guests can appreciate the ship in its entirety.


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