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‘Extreme artist’ Philip Gray visits Arcadia


In March, adventurer Philip Gray will join Arcadia’s World Cruise as a guest artist. Expect interactive demonstrations, blindfolded painting and some seriously good travel stories…

Artist Philip Gray painting

Artist Philip Gray

From 14 March (Hong Kong) to 19 March (Singapore) 2018, extreme artist and adventurer Philip Gray will be sailing on board Arcadia as part of her World Cruise. A regular guest artist with P&O Cruises, Philip is one of the most exciting and unique artists working in the contemporary art market.


Following 17 years in the Irish Navy, Philip set himself up as a unique entity, that of an ‘extreme artist’. This means he travels to some of the most inhospitable locations in the world in search of inspiration. To date, he has painted 60 feet under water in the Bahamas, trekked to the heart of the Borneo rainforest to paint, painted at Base Camp 2 of Mount Everest, trekked into the Sahara desert for inspiration and painted under icebergs in Antarctica. In 2017 he was recognised at the Irish Books, Art and Music (IBAM) awards in Chicago for his outstanding contribution to Irish culture, and counts Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Dolly Parton amongst his admirers and collectors.


Philip will entertain guests with his interactive painting demonstrations while he is on board, inviting them to make marks in oil or pastel onto canvases before turning them into completed paintings in front of the audience. He will also paint blindfolded, and regale guests with exciting stories about his travels around the world.


The full exhibition of his artwork will include his powerful seascapes as well as work from his Borneo, Himalayas and under water series. All lucky purchasers of art at the event will have their artwork specially dedicated by Philip.


Please contact the team on board if you are sailing during this period to ensure you are signed up for the VIP Champagne events and to find out more about the demonstrations.


Explore Philip’s work – along with pieces by fine and contemporary artists from the UK and beyond – at Whitewall Galleries on Arcadia, Azura, Oceana and Ventura