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Sister Act


At the final of the Strictly Come Dancing Themed Cruise dance competition on board Britannia, youngsters Tilley and Pollyanna Eve stole the show. We caught up with the dancing duo to find out more

Sisters Tilley and Pollyanna Eve holding the trophy they won

Sisters Tilley and Pollyanna Eve holding the trophy they won

The Eve sisters are sparkling with joy. Dressed in their finery for Black Tie night, and accompanied by proud mum and dad, Karen and Simon, they happily sit down in Britannia’s stunning Atrium. They’re buzzing with excitement as they recall their winning dance in the final of the Strictly Come Dancing Themed Cruise guest competition on board their cruise on Britannia.


‘We were quite nervous about dancing our jive in front of the judges,’ says 12-year-old Tilley. ‘But when we got on stage, it was great fun and when it was over, we wished we could do it all over again.’ Her sister, nine-year-old Pollyanna, beams in agreement. ‘It was really cool,’ she laughs.


The judging panel included Strictly Come Dancing grand dame and dance legend Arlene Philips and professional dancer and Strictly heartthrob Aljaž Skorjanec. Arlene has a formidable reputation and demands the best of dancers, so the girls had to put in a perfect performance to impress.


‘When we’d finished our routine, Arlene and Aljaž gave us perfect 10s!’ Tilley recalls. ‘Arlene was really encouraging and told us that we were truly amazing. She said that she was looking for technique and that we had pointed our fingers, put lots of bounce into the jive and really pushed off to achieve our jump.’ In fact, the jump had become something of a signature move: ‘Aljaž was really impressed with that,’ says Tilley. ‘He liked it a lot and asked if he could use it in one of his routines.’


The girls got the dancing bug two years ago on board Azura. ‘We were going back to our cabin one day and saw people doing some ballroom dancing,’ says Tilley. ‘The teacher came over and asked us if we wanted to have a go. So we did and we really liked it so we kept on going to the classes. Then, when we got home, mummy found us a dance class.’


Since then, the girls have practiced hard and they perfected their routine on board. ‘We practiced in the Crystal Room with everyone else. We all joined in and helped each other. And we would go to the dancing in the evenings. It was lovely and good fun,’ says Tilley. ‘We’d promised our dance teacher that we would enter the competition and she told us we could win it! When we did, she was the first person we called. She was so happy and proud of us.’


Watching their girls dance on stage and, ultimately, lift the Strictly Come Dancing Themed Cruise Passenger Competition glitterball was an unforgettable moment for mum and dad, and the icing on the cake of a happy family holiday on Britannia with the girls’ grandparents and uncles and aunties.


‘Their dad had tears streaming down his face,’ says mum Karen. ‘My parents were watching, too, so it was great for them to witness something so special.’


‘I’m just so proud,’ says dad Simon. ‘We truly didn’t expect them to win. We were simply happy to see them take part and enjoy themselves, to get up on stage and have fun. For them to win with perfect scores was unbelievable!’


Will the girls be watching the final of Strictly Come Dancing, knowing what it feels like to perform a jive in front of the judges and win?


‘Oh, yes!’ they reply, laughing. ‘We can’t wait.’



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