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The joy of Med Fly-cruises


Chris and Tom Johnston enjoyed a Med Fly-cruise from Genoa to Venice, calling at Florence, Naples and Dubrovnik, as part of their Ruby wedding anniversary celebrations

Passengers Chris and Tom Johnston in Venice

Passengers Chris and Tom Johnston in Venice

New cruise experience

Our seven-night Med Fly-cruise on Ventura was part of our Ruby wedding anniversary celebrations with our family, and was our first Med Fly-cruise experience. The holiday really began at Manchester airport where we were greeted by the airport staff and checked-in our luggage, which we did not see again until our cabin on board Ventura. As a special treat to celebrate our anniversary, our daughter had booked us into the executive lounge at the airport. With our hands free, we enjoyed breakfast and a glass of wine ­– unusual at 6.30am, but our holiday had already begun.


Stress-free travel

After a comfortable flight, which was our three-year-old granddaughter’s first experience of flying, we were met at Genoa airport by more friendly P&O Cruises staff and taken straight to the coach, which quickly transferred us to the ship. There was no waiting around for luggage as this was transferred from the plane to our cabin without any intervention from us – wonderful. We could just enjoy taking turns pulling our granddaughter on her little red ladybird case on wheels while her squeals of laughter brought smiles to the faces of the other passengers.

Passengers Chris and Tom Johnston on board Ventura

Passengers Chris and Tom Johnston enjoy a celebratory meal on board Ventura

Fast-track relaxation

On arrival at our cabin, we found our suitcases had been delivered as promised, and we were delighted to find that our family had ordered a bouquet of flowers and bottle of champagne to our room as a surprise. The unpacking could wait – first stop was to enjoy a mojito on deck in the beautiful Italian sunshine.


Holiday max

I would certainly recommend a Med Fly-cruise, especially for shorter cruises, as less time is spent travelling to your destination and there is no hassle with your luggage. We booked a seven-night Med Fly-cruise and virtually all of it was spent in the Mediterranean.


Details of 2017/18 Med Fly-cruises, including weekly departures from Malta, will be on our website from 21 March 2016.


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