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The whole experience was amazing. From the moment we got onto P&O Britannia to when we left. All staff were so helpful and took the time to say hello. it was a celebration for our 25th wedding anniversary and having our Vows renewed. that was well organised by Carl and the service was wonderfully performed by the Captain, with a bit of humour added to it too. The trips were amazing. Thank you everyone for an amazing time. We'll be back

Mr Wignall | 17 Jan 2020

The only issue I had was, on a very regular basis, when ordering a drink from waiting staff around the pools and in the restaurants, it took a considerable length of time for it to be delivered to me. It seemed that after taking an order, the waiters would wander around the deck asking other passengers if they wanted to order, when often they didn't. On one occasion it took so long I went to look for the waiter as I thought I had been forgotten, and I wanted to retrieve my cruise card. I eventually ordered my own drinks direct from the bars. The bar staff work so hard and are very efficient. On several occasions in the restaurant, my meal was almost finished before the drink was delivered. My only complaint. Great holiday.

17 Jan 2020

Excellent service and food and entertainment.
Excellent service, food and entertainment

17 Jan 2020

Great holiday experience.
It was a great holiday and I could not fault the service we received across all areas. Staff were friendly and welcoming. It was our first cruise. The downsides were it was difficult to get a drink as too many people and not enough staff. There was a terrible smell of sewage permeating the ship and particularly on deck 7. the day in Grand Turk was cancelled and we were diverted to another island which was a shame. The food in the restaurants was excellent.

17 Jan 2020

Great atmosphere on New Years Eve onboard loved the Caribbean
Excellent service in general we love club dining and had great waiters at our table 100

Mr Watts | 16 Jan 2020

all good except for the bands in the bars 4 out10 for them a long wait between their numbers

16 Jan 2020

we would, and have, travelled with P and O before, and would do so again, although we were disappointed in the playhouse productions -- there was no variety in the shows and performances available. The Wi-Fi use was expensive as we only needed a very minimal use. It seems more apparent now that other cruise lines are offering included Wi-Fi as part of the package. Our cabin was well appointed and our cabin steward was extremely competent and helpful. As usual the restaurants, buffets and all food outlets were exemplary.

16 Jan 2020

The cruise was enjoyable although the entertainment was below par. Possibly because all the better acts were already booked up for the Christmas period. The supervision of hand hygiene in the buffet areas was non existent. It was enforced as you entered the restaurants but was left to the individual to remember when entering the buffet area.

Mr Downing | 16 Jan 2020

We enjoyed the cruise and the itinerary very much. However we did feel that since our last cruise with you in March 2019 there had been some noticeable cuts. We understand that cruising is a very competitive market, however I felt that some of the cuts were petty i.e. No shower caps and no face clothes in the bathroom, as a very regular cruiser with you I did not take these items with me and wasn't aware until 4 days later that I could request these items. Also another another cut we noticed was at the captains cocktail party only sparkling wine was offered. The staff as usual were mostly excellent, especially our cabin steward Histon (Deck E735 and I would also like to mention Watch Cadet Rhys Gregory who was our host at the Peninsular lunch who was charming and entertaining and gave us a wonderful tour of the bridge. The sailaways were extremely poor we attended only two and walked out of the last one which was in place of the 'Great British Sailaway'. We heard two rumours why this was not going ahead one was regarding the plastic flags well what is the matter with paper flags. The other rumour was it was discriminatory, every one we have been to ensure England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales all have their mention and songs and are you not P & O UK a British company so what is the problem with a British sailaway? Two months before sailing we were sent an email informing us New Years Eve would be a formal evening and asking us what sitting and size table we required. We emailed back immediately a table for 8 on 2nd sitting and were given a table for two on first sitting, which we managed to change. I really feel that there were several errors made regarding New Years eve and due to capacity we were unable to get anywhere near the top deck for the party and was very disappointed. As a loyal customer of P & O with nearly 30 wonderful cruises under our belt and a further 3 future cruises booked we will continue to cruise with you, however we would never book a Christmas or New year cruise again as we felt the organisation was sadly lacking. And finely we are a couple that enjoy a tipple and indeed my husband who only drinks Ale was delighted with the new Ale package. However we found that the £40 daily drinks package may have encouraged some people to drink all day (to get their 15 drinks in) and this occasionally encouraged rowdy behaviour. We are not usually serial moaners and have not in the past had cause to give any negative feed back, however we felt that there were elements of this cruise that were not P & Os usual standard. PS Where is our calender for 2020 yet another cut !!

Mr Pierce | 16 Jan 2020

The only problem we had was on the flight to and from Barbados as my wife had ordered vegetarian meals and was told none had been ordered but one was available but none coming home and the steward was rather rude .

16 Jan 2020
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