Greece and Spain

Greece and Spain

18 Oct - 06 Nov 2020 | 19 NIGHTS | 7 PORTS | Arcadia (J014)


Greece and Spain, 18 Oct - 06 Nov 2020, 19 NIGHTS, 7 PORTS

See some of the Med’s most dazzling destinations with Arcadia

Taking the time to get under the skin of enchanting destinations in Spain, Italy and Greece, this leisurely cruise also gives you plenty of time to relax on board Arcadia. Whether you want to explore ancient Greek ruins, scale mountains or simply worship the sun, this is the holiday for you.

Your first stop is Malaga – a gateway to the historic towns and glorious beaches of Andalusia. Then, a call at Messina gives you the chance to discover Mount Etna, or to taste the region’s famous Murgo wine at the San Michele vineyard.

Heading to the idyllic Greek islands, you’ll spend a day on Rhodes, home to the Valley of the Butterflies, with spectacular views of the Acropolis of Rhodes on Monte Smith Hill. From Heraklion on Crete, you can head to numerous paradise beaches, and from Piraeus you can join tours to Athens. Don’t miss the chance to visit the ancient Acropolis, surrounded by the lively Plaka below.

Gythion is your last Greek destination. The nearby subterranean labyrinth of the Diros Caves offers a cool and enchanting experience, before you sail off to Gibraltar, your final call. Behold the stunning views from the top of ‘The Rock’ and indulge in some duty-free shopping before you head home.

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