Introducing our new winter 2020/21 collection

Experience travel at its most enriching. Our winter collection turns ‘every now and then’ into ‘every day’. These are life’s true riches… moments that stir your soul and leave you feeling more alive than ever.

Destination highlights

Norwegian Fjords

Set sail for the captivating climes of Norway in search of one of mother nature’s most awesome spectacles… Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights. Along the way, you’ll visit some of Norway’s most famous ports, soaking up Viking legend and awe-inspiring scenery as you go.

Spain, Portugal and Canary Islands

There’s never a shortage of winter sun in the balmy Canary Islands, and always an adventure around every corner. From Tenerife, to Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and more, as well as in sunny Spain and Portugal.

Northern European City Escapes

Follow your nose to the foodie delights of Bruges (from Zeebrugge), Amsterdam (from Rotterdam and IJmuiden) and Hamburg, or unlock their countless cultural, architectural and artistic hidden gems on a fascinating journey of discovery.

Dubai & the Arabian Gulf

From sprawling, spice-scented ancient souks, to towering skyscrapers, impossibly beautiful beaches and barbecues under breathtaking desert night skies… you’ll find your time here both enlivening and enthralling in equal measure.

Short Breaks

Old-world charm. Buzzing avenues. Soaring skyscrapers. Prepare to acquaint yourself with some of the greatest cities on the planet.

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