The most romantic way to say “I love you and I always will”

The romance of a ceremony at sea.


Where in the world would you most love to declare your love and commitment to each other? Because, the true magic of a P&O Cruises Ceremony at Sea is that it can be pretty well wherever you dream of. From the magical Mediterranean to the sun-drenched Caribbean – and all points north, south, east and west – the world is your oyster.


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Caribbean ceremony packages


Hop from one tropical isle to the next with ceremonies in the Caribbean

Relaxing by the pool, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. Sipping cocktails whilst gazing out upon a shimmering ocean. Watching the sun go down as you dine out on deck. A ceremony in the Caribbean is everything you imagine it would be.

If you've never sailed around these turquoise waters before, what better excuse than your special day? All flights and transfers are included in your fare so you'll be whisked from the UK to your ship with ease. And there’s no need to worry about careful packing. All our ships offer a pressing service and have free of charge laundrettes with ironing facilities.

You might find yourself reclining on unique black sand beaches under cloudless blue skies. Strolling along a palm tree lined promenade or climbing lush, emerald hills and gazing out at panoramas of mist-shrouded peaks. The destinations you'll visit along the way are many and varied. That’s the beauty of island hopping in the Caribbean - once there, you can usually explore a different place every day. Each idyllic island is sure to enliven your senses. Just think of it: leisurely days unwinding, turquoise waters, sunshine, rum punch and beautiful beaches. Plus the chance to discover anything from lush rainforests, tropical waterfalls and the local sea life to the colourful history and cuisine.


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Mediterranean ceremony packages


Sail directly from Southampton for a Mediterranean honeymoon experience

As you sip your sundowner, Dubrovnik slowly sinks from view. What an incredible day. Over dinner you swap stories with friends of adventures ashore. Next morning you draw back the curtains and smile. Before you is the towering campanile of St. Mark's Square, Venice.

The shores of the Mediterranean Sea are punctuated by many iconic sights so choosing just one highlight from your trip may prove to be an almost impossible task. The unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. Monte Carlo's yacht-filled harbour. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Rome's Colosseum. The Mediterranean is such a wonderfully diverse region. From the traditional whitewashed homes dotting the hillsides, endless beaches and crystal clear waters, to stylish pavement cafés, designer boutiques and bustling market squares.

Our Mediterranean ceremony cruises sail directly from Southampton. This means that there is no limit on the amount of luggage you take. Plus, you don't have to worry about creases in your ceremonial outfits – you can carry them straight on to the ship with you.


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Worldwide ceremony packages


Ceremony packages abroad

If you thought far-flung destinations such as the stunning beaches of Ko Samui or the bustling streets of Mumbai were out of your reach, think again. The vibrant cities of Australia. The paradise landscapes of the Pacific. The upbeat charm of San Francisco. For three months of the year, Arcadia and Aurora will sail across the globe, placing the World’s most stunning destinations within easy reach on a ceremony package abroad.

The Middle East, India, the Orient, Australia, the Pacific, the USA and Mexico. There are few holidays that can rival a worldwide cruise in terms of pure diversity. Travelling in the height of comfort, experience carefree days on board as you journey from one iconic port to the next. Departing between January and March, with durations ranging from 14 to 54 nights. If you really wanted to celebrate in style, imagine a wedding at sea amidst a three month world voyage?


Stunning destinations

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