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The Isle of Man is to be found in the middle of the Irish Sea, between the Irish and English mainland.

 It’s small but filled with culture, from Victorian market towns to animal encounters – see if you can spot the wallabies roaming the wetlands – and plenty of adventure for those who love the great outdoors. Not only that, but there’s a gorgeous coastline, as well as stunning landscapes and lovely beaches.

There’s a rich legacy behind the island, due to its location in the middle of the sea. According to legend, the isle’s name comes from a three-legged Celtic sea god called Manannán mac Lir, who protected the island from invaders by covering it in mist.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Manx cats have no tails.
  • The Isle of Man is home to the TT motorcycle races.
  • There are wild wallabies on the wetlands.
  • The island has its own currency as well as sterling, the ‘Manx pound’.
  • The word for ‘rat’ on the island is ‘longtail’.



The Isle of Man has a rich history and, like many Celtic nations, a firm belief in folklore. Like Manannán the sea god, all the inhabitants were said to be three-legged when St Patrick arrived.

Not only that, but there are a number of mythical creatures still widely talked about across the island today, their stories passed on by word of mouth and slowly shifting over time. There’s the Moddey Dhoo, a black, ghostly dog, who wanders around Peel Castle. Then there’s the widespread belief in fairies – known in Manx as mooinjer veggey meaning ‘little folk’ – who can interfere with human life. In fact, if you fail to greet the fairies appropriately as you cross the Fairy Bridge, you’ll find yourself with a heap of bad luck. You’ve been warned!

Traditional food

The most traditional dish on the island is herring, served with boiled potatoes. Plain though it may sometimes be, it’s been a popular dish throughout the island’s history and is still served today in different guises with herbs and butter and sauces, in order to support farmers and because of the abundance of herring. Another popular dish is chips and gravy, often with a sprinkle of cheese on top – similar to the Canadian poutine




Be sure to eat some seafood whilst you’re on your cruise to the Isle of Man. 

Scallops and crabs are incredibly popular and also incredibly delicious, caught and served straight to your plate on the same day.

Make sure to try some Manx cheese whilst you’re there, too, as it’s well known as a speciality of the region. Last but not least, grab a Peel flapjack if you can. Stock up on the delicacies – you won’t go hungry! 


Ports in the country


Cruises visiting Isle of Man

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