About Nha Trang

Set against a backdrop of lushly-forested mountains, with a beautiful waterfront and wide, golden beaches, the Vietnamese seaside resort of Nha Trang is now well on its way to becoming a sophisticated modern town.


Still, on cruises to Nha Trang you will find plenty of old fashioned charm, though, in the colourful markets, lively restaurants and broad streets of its bustling downtown area, which lies close to the clear turquoise seas, uncrowded sands and excellent diving and snorkelling facilities of the main City Beach.


And when you tire of sunbathing, the region surrounding the city is rich in history. Embark on one a Nha Trang cruise and discover the fascinating story of the Chams, an ancient Hindu / Moslem ethnic minority who run their society along matriarchal lines, with property passing from mother to daughter.


One of their most important sacred sites - the Towers of Po Nagar, which date from the 7th century - lie close to the city. Also worth seeing while enjoying one of our Nha Trang cruises is the exquisite Long Son Pagoda.


Shore excursions in Nha Trang