About Okinawa

Okinawa Island is the largest of the 160 Ryukyu Islands lying in the Pacific Ocean. The site of one of the most intense battles in military history, Okinawa has rebuilt itself since its near destruction in 1945.

In the coastal capital city of Naha you'll find a mile-long stretch of shops and restaurants along 'Kokusai Dori'. Shuri Castle, once the royal seat of the Ryukyu dynasty, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and displays a unique mix of Chinese, Okinawan, and Japanese styles. Many traditional crafts including pottery and laquerware are still produced on the island, but woven and dyed fabrics are the most distinctive elements that made Okinawa famous.

Cruises to Okinawa also gives you the opportunity to listen to a unique and attractive combination of original Okinawan sounds with American rock and jazz influences, learn their secrets in art and produce your own souvenir or simply enjoy a scenic drive of this beautiful island.


Shore excursions in Okinawa