Delaware Cruises

Delaware is one of America’s smallest states, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in character and charm. It’s just 95 miles long and at its very widest point is no more than 35 miles across. 

This charming little spot has a lot more to see and do than may at first meet the eye, with lovely countryside and quirky towns and villages that are packed with thrift stores and antique shops. Not to mention that a cruise to Delaware means that you get to see this lovely state from the waterways, which is absolutely the perfect way to enjoy it.

Cruises to Delaware dock in Wilmington – a unique cultural hub brimming with life and some of the best food you’ll ever eat. Wilmington is home to communities of Jews, African-Americans, Jamaicans and more, as well as typical American communities – and this is very much reflected in the state’s food scene. 

Top 5 interesting facts

  • Delaware was the first state accepted into the Union.
  • The ladybird is Delaware’s ‘state bug’.
  • There’s no sales tax in Delaware.
  • Changing clothes in a car/restroom in Rehoboth Beach is illegal.
  • Delaware has the highest percentage of PhD holders in the country.


Boardwalks & culture

Rehoboth Beach is well-known for its award-winning boardwalk, tax-free shopping and some of the best restaurants in Delaware, with beautiful views as standard. Nearby Dewey Beach offers beach sports, majestic sunsets and a wealth of live music in the bars, while the visitor centres of Lewes and the Zwaanendael Museum give more information about the area’s history.


If you’re a culture fan, Delaware and Wilmington won’t disappoint. Delaware cruises offer everything from delicious food to spectacular sights and everything in between. While you’re there, make sure you pop into one of Delaware’s many museums, including the Delaware Art Museum, which houses the work of artists from the Brandywine Art School, including the Wyeths and Edward Hopper. 

The Delaware History Museum is another must-see, while the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts is a brilliant spot for art lovers. If you can travel a little further afield during your stay, make sure you take a visit to the Old State House. This was built way back in 1791 and contains a number of fascinating exhibits including artworks and historical exhibits outlining the history and the politics of the ‘First State’.




For such a small state, Delaware has a long coastline – 28 miles in fact. 

Stretching the entire length of it are shops, cafés and restaurants that are open almost all year, although they do tend to get very busy during the peak months of July and August. 

All in all, there are 12 beaches in this gem of a state, and a few feature some of the whitest sand you’ll see in the US, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. 

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