Massachusetts Cruises

In the New England region of northeast America, Massachusetts is home to some of the best US cities as well as being the home of many historical and cultural landmarks.

Springfield, Boston and Salem are the three major cities, each famous within its own right for things as diverse as witch hunting or for being the site of Harvard University, which is arguably the most famous university in the US. Your stopover destination on a Massachusetts cruise is the fabulous port city of Boston, also known as the ‘Cradle of Liberty’ thanks to its role in the American War of Independence.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • The first American lighthouse was built in Boston.
  • Volleyball and basketball were invented here.
  • Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon and Uma Thurman are from this state.
  • The Boston Cream Pie is the official dessert of the state.
  • The state dog is the Boston terrier.



In Boston, the quaint and archaic buildings give way to the Boston Common and Freedom Trail. Harvard is here, one of the world’s best universities, with much to see in the way of art and history. Famous graduate and dropout alumni include Obama, Mark Zuckerburg and Robert Kennedy. 

Appropriately enough for such a historically important city, the John F Kennedy Museum can be found just south of Boston. This is a fascinating experience for anyone interested in discovering more about this most iconic of presidents, and contains a wealth of personal video as well as more official footage.


The port city of Gloucester also boasts dazzling waters and idyllic sands, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy kayaking, sailing, fishing and whale watching. If you can bear to pull yourself away from the water for a short while, head to Gloucester’s Hammond Castle to explore the mediaeval marvel.




As part of the New England territories, a Massachusetts cruise brings you to the heart of American colonial history. Massachusetts itself was the landing place of the Mayflower and the pilgrims who brought with them the start of the new world. 

Evidence of this can be found across the state but particularly in the urban heartland of Boston. Home to the famous Boston Tea Party, the Bunker Hill Battle and Siege of Boston, visitors can learn about the city’s escapades on the Freedom Trail. This takes visitors to 16 historical sites, but the Plimouth Plantation and the African American Meeting House are definitely worth visiting whether you decide to join the trail or not. 

In Salem, the Witch Museum, cemetery and witch house provide information on the infamous with trials of the 1600s. It’s actually quite terrifying!


Ports in the country

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