South Carolina Cruises

South Carolina oozes southern charm and exotic landscapes with an abundance of sandy beaches, dense forestry and marshy islands. 

This is a state that effortlessly combines small-town charm with luxury beachside life. Visitors are also able to witness breathtaking natural beauty, while the vibrant culture means there is much to see and do on a trip to South Carolina.

From mainland Greenville to seaside Charlotte to the old plantations and the illustrious Myrtle Beach, South Carolina showcases remnants of the state’s diverse history. It also allows the best of modern-day America to shine through, with all the shopping, food and entertainment you could wish for.

Top 5 interesting facts

  • ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Full Metal Jacket’ were filmed in South Carolina.
  • The state dance is ‘the shag.’
  • The town of Johnston is known as the world’s peach capital.
  • There are no professional sports teams in the state.
  • South Carolina has a UFO Welcome Centre!


Natural beauty

With stunning shorelines that draw in visitors all year round, South Carolina boasts stunning natural beauty. The sands of Sullivan Island – a short 30-minute trip from Charleston – are white and pristine while the waters sparkle and are full of sea life making it a popular fishing spot.

Further inland, South Carolina’s landscapes feature impressive scenery including forests and lakes that make it a playground for adventure with accompanying impressive views.

Explore local scenery

Within an hour’s journey from Charleston, you can hike around the Francis Marion National Forest, go alligator spotting at Lake Moultrie, or go boating to the uninhabited and unspoilt Morris Island. All of these are exciting activities that provide an insight into the abundance of South Carolina’s vast natural landscapes.

The ACE Basin is an hour away from Charleston and is wonderful to visit. Here visitors will discover undisturbed beaches, a blackwater river and an array of wildlife. Many a migratory bird including the blue-winged teal can be spotted, while the wetlands are also home to alligators and otters.




The southern states of America are known for their rich soul food and abundance of flavours and exciting dishes; South Carolina is no different. With coastal access, seafood delights combine with traditional dishes in a cuisine that is popular with locals and visitors alike.

Beachside shrimp, grits and oyster roasts are popular choices, while elsewhere Frogmore Stew is a staple dish. The good news is that this veggie stew doesn’t actually contain frogs, and is a tasty alternative to the state’s barbecue dishes.

On the sweeter side, peaches are a must in South Carolina, which is widely considered to be the peach capital of the world. Whether in a cobbler, pie or snack, the South Carolina peaches need to be sampled.

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