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Do you remember the first time?


Our guests recount their cruising firsts

Glynis and her family

Glynis and her family

The next generation

Glynis, Edinburgh (pictured above with her family)

'We took our 25- and 28-year-old daughters on their first cruise recently and sailed around the Caribbean on Ventura. They’d always thought cruises were for ‘old fuddy duddies,’ but didn’t they get a shock! The gym, with its amazing views and up-to-date equipment was their first pleasant surprise and, to our amazement, they were up at the crack of dawn every morning to use it. They were also impressed with choice of food and the quality of the service. They got us involved in things we would never normally do, such as river tubing, snorkelling, onboard spa treatments and a daily hot tub. In return, we got them dressing for dinner and gave them a chance to see what it’s like to live at sea.'


Luckiest girl in the world

Margaret, Chorley

'I worked for a small travel agency in 1964. I was 21 years old and only been as far as Scarborough when my boss put 
my name forward for an eight-day cruise. "Don’t build your hopes up," he warned. A short time afterwards, I was standing on the deck of this lovely ship gazing at the lights and sounds of this new world. I felt like the luckiest girl. I’m 70 next month, but I only need to close my eyes and I'm back on that August morning, sailing into Lisbon onboard Canberra! In the last 10 years, I've sailed with P&O Cruises on some lovely holidays.'


With us all the way

Jan, Wiltshire

'In 2007, we sadly lost our son Chris. He had left me his car, so
 I sold mine and kept his to ride around in. With the money from the sale, my husband and I decided to do something really special: to have a holiday from Chris and set sail on our first ever cruise. We travelled from Southampton to Barbados on Ventura, via Tenerife, St Lucia, Antigua, St Maarten and Dominica. It was an amazing experience. We were looked after very well and we met some fantastic people. Thank you P&O Cruises: you helped us make some wonderful memories of a special young man. I felt he was with us all the way!'


Love blossoms

Julie, Newbury

'My first ever cruise experience was 10 years ago now, on the good ship Oriana. I’ll never forget it as I met a very special man. Our friendship began over cocktails and quiz nights, and our romance blossomed. We’ve now been married for almost six years, and when we cruise we take along our two amazing children Emily, four, and George, two. They adore the children’s clubs and love being at sea, which is very good news for mummy and daddy! We’ve already booked our cruise for next year and Emily keeps chatting excitedly to our family and friends about what she’s going to do when she’s next on board!'


Dream come true

Sandra and Bryan, Southsea

'Our first cruise was actually out first time abroad, too! It was 2006 and we went to Portugal, Spain and France. We arrived at our first port of call, Vigo, in the pouring rain, but we stood on deck and I remember thinking, ‘I can’t believe I’m here!’ Our second port of call was Lisbon, and it was a real relief to watch the ship get under the bridge that spans the river – it was a tight squeeze! The whole holiday was wonderful and by the time we left Arcadia, we were absolutely hooked. In the past eight years, we've done nine cruises – all with P&O Cruises – and we’ve been to the most wonderful places.'