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Our holiday of a lifetime


If you’re considering a World Cruise, let first-timers Annie and Paul Snowdon inspire you. Here, they share a few highlights of the 104-night adventure that they will cherish forever

Annie and Paul Snowdon

Annie and Paul Snowdon

When Annie and Paul Snowdon from York looked into options for a holiday of a lifetime, a World Cruise on Aurora was the unexpected solution. ‘After booking, my mind was whirling,’ admits Annie, who had never cruised before. ‘I was out of my comfort zone and couldn’t help question if we’d done the right thing.’


She needn’t have worried. ‘Embarkation was wonderful,’ she recalls. ‘The crew were ready to help and everything was so efficient. The weeks of planning and packing were over – we were on board and on our way. As we sailed away, we wondered what adventures lay before us.’


‘We loved the sea days,’ says Annie. ‘We listened to visiting speakers, attended lectures and went to the gym. We also took part in a murder mystery, which was great fun. The Crow’s Nest was great for a quiet read, a cryptic crossword and light musical entertainment, Raffles Bar was ideal for coffee and people watching, and the Promenade deck was a lovely place to relax and read, or just chill by the ocean.


‘We loved the theatre, the cinema, dancing lessons and so much more,’ adds Annie. ‘The shows were professional with amazing choreography, timeless songs and stunning costumes. The range of other entertainment was excellent: comedians, singers, bands and ventriloquists, to name but a few.


‘I could talk forever about the crew,’ continues Annie. ‘They were amazing, friendly and funny. As we got to know them, they became like our little family.’

Tauranga, New Zealand

Tauranga, New Zealand

The variety of calls, from Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to Cochin in India, had been key to booking the cruise. ‘We’d not visited any of the places before, so the itinerary was special,’ says Annie. ‘It was so exciting. Nothing beats that feeling of standing on deck as the ship sails into port.’


On shore, there was no end of amazing days. ‘The Fun Bus excursion in Cartagena, Colombia, was standout,’ says Annie. ‘Picture an open, hand-painted bus with nine rows of six people. Add a steel band and complimentary rum and cokes as you tour around the UNESCO World Heritage Site city and you’ve got one of the most fun-filled afternoons of my life.’


Other highlights include standing on deck as Aurora sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge early one glorious morning. ‘It was unforgettable’ says Annie. We loved San Francisco. It was noisy, lively and so interesting. Arriving at Tauranga on New Zealand’s North Island was special, too. Maori dancers welcomed us into port. We disembarked to their lovely singing and dancing. Kangaroo Island off the coast of Adelaide in Australia was another truly beautiful place,’ says Annie. ‘And I’ll never forget walking in Guatemala’s Pacaya National Park to see an active volcano.’


Annie and Paul’s 104-night adventure is recorded in Annie’s travel diary, with photos, tickets and messages from crew and fellow guests, too. ‘It’s a special record of a very special time,’ says Annie. ‘I’ll miss the stress-free life,’ she says. ‘I’ll miss the precious time my husband and I had together. I’ll miss all the people we met – especially the crew – and visiting so many wonderful places. If you’re considering a World Cruise, do it. Do it now! We’re so glad we did.’


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