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Watch ‘Growing Up with Cancer’ on BBC One


Tune in on Monday 26 June at 7.30pm to see the amazing work of our charity partner, Teenage Cancer Trust, in action

People in the show

Photo ©BBC

The amazing work of our charity partner, Teenage Cancer Trust, will be shown on BBC One on Monday 26 June at 7.30pm in a 30-­‐minute documentary called ‘Growing Up with Cancer’.


Being a teenager can be a traumatic time, so imagine throwing cancer into the mix too. This film tells heartwarming stories from the specially designed Teenage Cancer Trust Unit at Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Children, where a remarkable group of young people have been forced to grow up fast. But here they can share experiences of coping with the devastating effects of cancer and chemotherapy and of being forced to live a different life to most of their teenage friends.


P&O Cruises has been a proud supporter of Teenage Cancer Trust since 2015, helping raise money for and awareness of this wonderful charity, which supports teenagers and young adults who have cancer. There are now 28 specialist Teenage Cancer Trust units in NHS hospitals across the UK, and we help to contribute towards the funding of expert nurses and youth support coordinators, as well as specialist hospital units for young people with cancer.