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Happy Fathers’ Day


We all know Dads are great but sometimes we don’t get the chance to tell them. To celebrate Fathers’ Day, we ask some of our younger guests to tell us why a P&O Cruises holiday is the best way to enjoy extra-special Dad time

Tilley and Pollyanna Eve on board with their Dad, Simon

Tilley and Pollyanna Eve enjoy family time on board with their Dad, Simon

Why we love going on holiday with Dad


Big softie

‘We love spending time with our Dad on cruise holidays because he makes us laugh and we all go swimming together.


‘Dad changes a bit when he’s on holiday. He’s funnier and he lets us stay up later and he buys us whatever we want. We love swimming with him, playing shuffleboard and watching movies at night by the pool on Azura.


‘He does silly things, too, like messing about in the pool and he even does cheerleading with us. We think the thing he loves most is being with his family, getting a tan and exploring all the different ports.


‘If we could treat him to something special on our next cruise holiday, it would be a cooking class with Marco Pierre White or a massage.


‘Our Dad is so special because he’s kind and soft and he loves us.’

 By Tilley (13) and Pollyanna (10) Eve from Chelmsford



Best friend

‘Dad works a lot and even on his days off he can get called into work at short notice so it’s good to spend uninterrupted time with him. He doesn’t take his mobile phone on holiday so work can’t contact him. We get a chance to bond and have fun.


‘My Dad is fun at home and we do lots of things together. However, he is much more relaxed on board. He is more fun and nothing is too much bother for him.


‘Dad and I spend a lot of time in the pool and we love people watching. I really love going on excursions with him and going to places that we’ve never been to before and discovering new things. The one thing I’d love to do with Dad is try a cookery lesson as he loves cooking.


‘The best thing for Dad is family time. He loves being with me and Mum, and Mum and Dad get the chance to relax together by the pool. He loves everything about cruising, especially the formal nights.


‘If you had to handpick your Dad, I’d pick the one I have. He’s like my best friend who sometimes turns into a parent.'

By Robyn Walker (16), from Troon

Young guests enjoying holidays with their Dads

Cruising with Dad rules: Louis, Eva and Tristan Cole with Dad Richard (left), and Robyn Walker with Dad Barry (right)

James Bond

‘We love the family time with Dad and sitting on the balcony looking out to sea for dolphins and flying fish. Each morning there’s somewhere new and exciting to explore and new adventures.


‘Dad swims with us in the pool and the sea. And he loves dancing and singing at Sail Away parties. Sometimes he has cocktails by the pool and he likes dressing to impress like James Bond.


‘Dad’s favourite ship is Britannia – he loves the food in Sindhu the most. One of the best things on our Caribbean cruise on Britannia was swimming in a line holding hands in a tropical storm and we saw a waterfall. Dad helped us build sandcastles in Jamaica on Christmas Eve and we swam in the sea in Grand Cayman with his Dad, our Grandad, who got stuck getting out of the sea! Dad chose the word "awesome" as our word of the day. We found a cap in a beach shop at Seven Mile Beach with this on it so we bought it for him. 


‘Our Dad is lots of fun and he works very hard so we can enjoy magical holidays away together. He is always there for us and he loves us so much. He cares about everything we do and keeps us safe.’

By Tristan (5), Eva (8) and Louis (11) Cole from Birmingham


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